College Training / Workshop in Mobile App Development in Chennai

We at Ampersand Academy, provide an all-inclusive training for Academic institutions on Ionic Framework. We have developed a phenomenal curriculum which runs for 30 hours. However, the course curriculum can be customized according to the Institute's requirement. The course delivery and method can also be customized according to the Academic Institute's requirement. We are flexible with venue and can travel to client's location for providing the training. We have the best faculty for Ionic Framework.

We also offer customised workshops on Ionic Framework as well as semester long course pattern with hands on experience for Academic Institutions. Our flexibility, quality, and commitment towards industry relevant education make us the best academic training institute for Ionic Framework.

Ionic is an open-source Software Development Kit built especially for the development of hybrid mobile applications. Ionic Framework is built on top of Apache Cordova and Angular JS. It uses web technologies such as HTML5, CSS, and SASS for hybrid mobile app development. Applications can be developed using Ionic Framework and can be deployed in native app stores to be installed in devices using Cordova. Ionic offers the functionality of AngularJS that AndroidUIelements gives for Java, iOSUIKit gives for Obj-C/Swift. Ionic has several HTML directives which allow developers to easily leverage those for common UI elements. Some of the common UI elements which Ionic Framework offers include Navigations, List Views, Tab Bars, Action Sheets, etc.

Advantages of Ionic Framework

1. Native Focussed:
Ionic Framework has native mobile app development SDKs which enables users to create mobile apps with native UI standards.
2. Robust CLI:
Ionic Framework has a powerful command line interface and developers can create, build, test and deploy native apps in one command. Ionic’s CLI has significant features such as Live Reload and Integrated Logging.
3. Performance Oriented:
Ionic Framework is Performance Oriented and in one of the fastest native mobile app development frameworks. It is built using web application web practices such as DOM Rendering, Hardware Accelerated Transitions, and touch optimized gestures.

Features of Ionic Framework:

1. Ionic Lab:
Enables developers to develop and test both Android and iOS apps instantly and simultaneously.
2. View App:
Enables developers to share ionic apps with clients and testers all over the globe without even going to the app store.
3. LiveReload:
Enables developers to instantly review the updates made in the apps without running the updates in devices.
4. Ionic Market:
Ionic offers 100s of ready-made starter packs, templates, add-ons and themes which enables developers to get up and running swiftly.
5. ngCordova:
Ionic offers Angular extensions for getting the full native functionality of the device using Cordova Plugins.

Download the curriculum we offer or upload the curriculum which needs to be covered.

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