Academic Training for MongoDB

We at Ampersand Academy, provide an all-inclusive training for Academic institutions on MongoDB. We have developed a phenomenal curriculum which runs for 30 hours. However, the course curriculum can be customized according to the Institute's requirement. The course delivery and method can also be customized according to the Academic Institute's requirement. We are flexible with venue and can travel to client's location for providing the training. We have the best faculty for MongoDB.

We also offer customised workshops on MongoDB as well as semester long course pattern with hands on experience for Academic Institutions. Our flexibility, quality, and commitment towards education make us the best academic training institute for MongoDB.

MongoDB is an open-source and cross-platform NoSQL Database developed by MongoDB Inc. Unlike other databases, MongoDB is a document-oriented database and it has JSON-like documents with dynamic schemas which make the integration with applications easier and faster.

Features of MongoDB:

1. Ad hoc Queries:
MongoDB supports fields, search ranges, regular expressions searches. It even returns specific fields of documents and user-defined JavaScript functions.
2. Indexing:
MongoDB document can be indexed and there is no limitation for it. Even arrays and embedded documents can be indexed
3. Load Balancing:
Using Sharding MongoDB scales horizontally. It allows the user to share shard key which determines the data in the collection.
4. Aggregation:
MongoDB enables users to obtain the results for which SQL Group by clause is used.
5. Server-side JavaScript:
MongoDB enables JavaScript to be used in Queries, Aggregate Functions, and can be sent directly to databases.
6. Capped Collections:
MongoDB has a fixed size collection called Capped Collection. Capped Collection maintains insertion order and behaves like a circular queue.

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