Corporate Training for SAS Programming in Chennai

We at Ampersand Academy, provide training for Corporates on Base and Advanced SAS Programming. We have developed an excellent curriculum which runs for 30 hours. However, the course curriculum can be customized according to the Corporate's Requirement. The course delivery and method can also be customized according to the Corporate's Requirement. We are flexible and can also travel to client's place for providing the training. We have the best faculty for SAS Programming. Our flexibility, quality, and commitment make us the best corporate training institute for SAS.

SAS is one of the most powerful software suites which can be used for several purposes including advanced analytics, business prediction, and forecast analytics. SAS has both Graphical User Interface version and programming language. With SAS, one can
1. Access data in any format including tables, Excel and Database files.
2. Manipulate and manage the data, e.g., combine two or more columns, create new columns
3. Analyze the data using various statistical procedures including descriptive statistics methods like correlation, regression, Bayesian hierarchical models, etc.
4. Finally, take meaningful reports which can be exported in several formats including web files like HTML, PDF, and RTF.

Download the curriculum we offer or upload the curriculum which needs to be covered.

Why SAS at Ampersand Academy?

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