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Excel is one of the important tools that has been leveraged by almost every individual or company for plethora of purposes. Excel is used for several purposes including:

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  1. Storing and retrieving the numerical data. Spreadsheets usually store the numerical data in columns and rows format.
  2. Manipulating the entered numerical data
  3. Applying formulae and equations to obtain desired results
  4. Calculating sales figures, taxes or profits
  5. Producing creative and colourful reports
  6. Building beautiful charts
  7. Conditional formatting for data
  8. Data integration - Excel can be used to pull in data from several files and documents.
  9. Macros to ease the process by automating the common and repetitive tasks.

We at Ampersand Academy, offer excellent course for Advanced Excel. Having located at Ashok Nagar, we offer the best training for Excel and Advanced Excel in Chennai. We offer the best curriculum for Excel covering from basics to advance concepts such as macros. Having developed the best approach for the training both online and classroom, and having augmented with best trainer, we are the best Advanced Excel training institute in Chennai.


We have developed a student-friendly approach which has proved to work out well. Our approach is one-of-a-kind which starts from basics of Excel to the advance concepts of Excel. We offer training in such a way that even candidates from non-IT background can easily learn Advanced Excel with ease. Our training is full of practical sessions with few theoretical classes. We offer excellent course material, which helps the students to refer at any time. We have well-trained and well experienced trainer for Excel, who is student-friendly and helps students to understand the concepts. We provide assignments, mini project and conduct tests to make sure students learn and understand the tool well.

Scope of Advanced Excel:

Excel has great scope in India. Almost every organization requires Excel for its basic and advanced analysis functions. Excel is known for its accuracy and ease of use. Furthermore, Excel is used by numerous companies for various corporate management divisions such as IT management, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Business Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management and more. Various positions offered for Excel:

  • 1. Investment Banking Analyst
  • 2. Management Consultant
  • 3. Accountant
  • 4. Marketing Analyst
  • 5. Business Intelligence Analyst
  • 6. Business Consultant

Prerequisite to join Advanced Excel Course:

1. Basic computer handling skills.
2. Basics of Statistics (not mandatory)

Why you should learn Advanced Excel in Ampersand Academy:

1. Trainer:
We have the best trainer for Excel who has got nearly 10 years of experience in training. He carries deep knowledge in working on various domains such as Financial and Banking domains. He is student-friendliness and deep knowledge makes him one of the best trainers for Advanced Excel in Chennai.
2. Curriculum:
We offer the best course curriculum for Advanced Excel. Our curriculum is very comprehensive and is certification oriented. It covers almost all the aspects of Excel and gives the students deep knowledge. Furthermore, our curriculum is generic which enables the students to get into any domain.

Modes of Training:
Classroom Training
Classroom Training
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Online Training
Online Training
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Corporate Training
Corporate Training
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Academic Training
Academic Training
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