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Cassandra is an open-source distributed database management system. Initially, it developed at Facebook in 2008 for inbox search feature, later it was released as an open-source project. Apache Cassandra is the most preferred database when it comes to scalability and high availability without compromising on the performance. Cassandra is a unique and comprehensive tool because of two important features, i.e., linear scalability and fault-tolerance on commodity hardware or cloud infrastructure. Cassandra’s replicability across multiple data centers and low latency for users enable the administrator to rely on Cassandra even during the regional outages.

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Overview of Cassandra:
1. Proven: Cassandra is used in several renowned organizations such as Comcast, Instagram, eBay, GoDaddy, etc.
2. Performance: Cassandra outperforms all the NoSQL competitors because of its fundamental architectural choices.
3. Fault Tolerant: Cassandra automatically replicates data to multiple nodes for fault-tolerance purposes. Furthermore, the failed nodes can be replaced with no downtime.
4. Decentralized: Cassandra has no network bottleneck issues. All the nodes present in the system are identical.
5. Synchronous and non-synchronous replications: Cassandra allows administrators to choose between synchronous and non-synchronous replications of nodes for each update.
6. Elastic: The efficiency of both read and write increases linearly as new machines are added with zero downtime or interruptions.


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Scope of Apache Cassandra:

Various positions offered for Apache Cassandra includes:
1. Big Data Developer
2. Back-end Developer
3. NoSQL Database Developer
4. NoSQL Specialist
5. Cassandra Engineer
6. Cassandra Architect

Prerequisite to join Apache Cassandra Course:

1. Basic computer handling skills.
2. Drive towards NoSQL

Why you should learn Apache Cassandra in Ampersand Academy:

1. Trainer:
We have the best trainer for Cassandra who has got several years of experience in database and NoSQL concepts. His teaching methods and passion for teaching make him one of the best trainers for Cassandra in Chennai.
2. Curriculum:
We offer the best course curriculum for Cassandra which makes us the best training center for Apache Cassandra in Chennai. Our curriculum is very comprehensive and is certification oriented.

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