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Java is an object oriented programming language. It is concurrent, class-based general purpose programming language which is used for multi various functions. The key features of J2SE includes:

  1. Simple and object oriented
  2. Robust and secure
  3. Architecturally neutral and portable
  4. High performance
  5. Interpreted, threaded and dynamic

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Java portability is achieved by splitting JDK (Java Development Kit) into JC (Java Compiler) and JRE (Java Run-time Environment). JC is used for compiling class file to byte code and JRE is used for interpreting byte code.
Java is rich in API. It provides n number of API for Strings, Exception Handling, Multi-threading, File Handling, Networking and Applets. Most advanced APIs have been developed in Java. One such example of the API is Collection Framework (Java.util) which incorporates all the concepts of data structures.
Java is one of the major programming languages which is leveraged in almost all the IT MNCs. The language is very comprehensive and has multi various scope. It one of the high-level programming language that is used in web pages, cell phone applications, desktop applications, and even in main frames. Having many advantages, Java is a must-to-learn language for all the IT professionals. We at Ampersand Academy offer excellent training for Core Java. Our curriculum and training methods make us the best training institute for Java in Ashok Nagar, Chennai.


Core Java is the fundamental course to be an ace programmer in Java. Java is a comprehensive tool and has various modules in it such as J2EE, J2ME, and various frameworks. We provide training to our students from the basic concepts. We believe that only if basics are taught well and understood well, one can master its advance concepts. We have developed course plan in such a way that everybody who come to learn Java are professionally trained to handle projects individually. Our regular assignments and projects make students get confidence in the programming language.

Scope of Core Java:

Java is one of highly leveraged programming language in software sector. It is a platform independent and is open source software, which makes it profound. The scope of Java is huge; almost 90% of all the software is developed using Java these days. Java definitely has good scope in India, and it fetches candidate good career as a programmer.Various positions offered for Core Java:

  • 1. Java Developer
  • 2. Application Engineer
  • 3. Software Developer
  • 4. IT Programmer
  • 5. Programmer Analyst
  • 6. Software Engineer

Prerequisite to join Core Java Course:

There is no prerequisite to learn Core Java except to have knowledge in handling computers. We build a curriculum which covers from the basics of Java Programming.

Why you should learn Core Java in Ampersand Academy:

1. Trainer:
We are augmented with ace Java Programmer who handles various projects. The trainer is a real-time programmer and imparts his knowledge to students efficiently.
2. Materials:
We provide excellent study materials for Core Java. We provide with presentations and pdfs for reference.
3. Certification Assistance:
We will assist our students to prepare for their certification exams by providing them with mock tests and materials.

Modes of Training:
Classroom Training
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Academic Training
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