Data Science using SAS

On the wake of increasing amount of data accumulated every day, analytics has become one of the most demanded skills in the present-day scenario. There is constant upgradation in methods, techniques, improvement in the field of Analytics which led to machine learning algorithms and data science.

SAS is one of the most widely used analytics tool for performing Data Analysis apart from R Programming and Python. SAS has huge capabilities and it can perform almost all the data warehousing functions, analytical functions, reporting functions and data science activities. At the outset, students will be taught the basic and advance SAS, after which Data Science algorithms will be taught to candidates.

In Data Science, various algorithms such as Classification, Clustering and Regression will be discussed in detail along with their real-time use cases and examples. Candidates will be given periodic assignments after completion of certain concepts, which will be evaluated by the trainer.

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Topics Covered in Data Science using SAS


We at Ampersand Academy, provide excellent methodology for training Data Science using SAS. Our Data Science using SAS can be opted by anyone with or without SAS Knowledge. Candidates who are experienced in SAS can kick off directly in to Data Science and those who have no knowledge can start with SAS and then move on to Data Science. Our unique approach enables students to get the best out of the training for Data Science using SAS.

Scope of Data Science using SAS

Various positions offered for Data Science using SAS:
• Data Science Associate
• Data Scientist
• Data Science Engineer
• Analytics Engineer
• Intelligence Officer
• Analyst

Prerequisite for learning Data Science using SAS

1. Basic computer handling skills.
2. Basics of Statistics (not mandatory).

Why learn Data Science using SAS in Ampersand Academy?

1. Trainer:
We have one of the best trainers for Data Science Program who has got immense knowledge in SAS and Data Science. Trainer carries deep knowledge and understanding working in several domains. Trainer is student friendly and imparts his knowledge to students effectively by giving periodic assignments.
2. Course Curriculum:
We offer one of the best course curriculum for Data Science using SAS which makes us the best training institute for Data Science using SAS.