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There is an enormous increase in the distinctive data-related talent. With the increasing amount of data in the world, these is a huge need for data professionals in public organization, corporates and non-profits. There is a very limited talent for data-related analytics work, which is reflected by the ever-increasing salary packages offered to the Data Scientist.

McKinsey Global Institute reveals that “a shortage of the analytical and managerial talent necessary to make the most of Big Data is a significant and pressing challenge (for the U.S.).” Furthermore, the reports suggest that there would be substantial increase in the job opportunities for Data Scientist across the world.

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Data Science Package
R Programming

Import Data, Manipulate, Do Analytics and Take reports
R is very powerful open source analytics tool. Its uniqueness is that it has more than 8000 packages, it supports several data visulization tools like googleVis, D3.js, ggplot2, it supports Hadoop and Apache Spark, and also supports machine learning. Sign up for our Data Science Program and become the go-to expert for data science.


Don't just think like a data scientist. Be one.

There is a steep increase in demand for analytical talent. SAS is the leader in data analytics. Learn advanced analytical concepts in SAS now. Improve your skill sets in SAS and Data Analytics. Sign up for our Data Science Program and become the go-to expert for data science.


Make your data make an impact. Tableau is one of the most powerful business intelligence and analytics tools available in the world. It is enriched with several features such as live visual analytics, interactive dashboards, data connectivity with big data, cloud apps, SQL Databases and spreadsheets, exceptional analytical functions, Tableau Maps and many more. Sign up for our Data Science Program and become the go-to expert for data science.

Takeaways of Data Science Program

The Data Science Program which we offer at Ampersand Academy is a very comprehensive and deep dives on business analytics. The R Programming, SAS, and Tableau training which we offer focuses on Importing Data, Manipulating Data, Analyzing Data, and Taking Reports and Charts.

Candidates who are in pursuit of entering in to analytics can enroll with us for our comprehensive data science program which deep dives on three main data analytics tools. Furthermore, our data science curriculum can be custom made according to the requirement.