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Why Deep Learning for Computer Vision is important?

In the present world, we are flooded with massive amount of digital data in the form of images, photographs, videos, infographics, animations from plethora of sources including social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. With the given amount of data that is presently available, the need to develop a vision for computers in order analyse the data has emerged. Conventionally, the technique to make a computer see and understand from the digital image is difficult. However, with the advent of Computer Vision, which has the acronym of CV, it has now become easy to make the computers see and understand from the digital images and videos. Following are the challenges which were faced in field of automatic digital image and video analyses …

  1. Lack of technique to make computers work in the field of vision
  2. Inherent complexity of the digital data
  3. Ability to skim enormous amount of digital data and extract meaningful information
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Ability to solve the Computer Vision problems

Deep learning has a good renown because of its complex problem-solving ability. Image Recognition is of the first and foremost procedures which was practically exhibited by the deep learning in the field of Computer Vision. Ever since its inception, deep learning has evolved rapidly bringing a revolution in the field of Computer Vision. Following are the major excellence one can expect from the deep learning for Computer Vision, which includes the following but not limited to …

1. Feature extraction

Deep learning enables computers to automatically learn and extract features from the digital raw data

2. All-encompassing CV models

Deep learning empowers computers to trash out the large-complex pipelines with simple unified models

3. Reutilization of models

Deep learning techniques helps in reutilization of CV models which are trained previously for related tasks

4. Exceptional Performance

Deep learning ensures that the models built for CV are extremely competitive and has good performance

5. Generic Methods

Deep learning also ensures that the models leverage only the generic methods such as CNN for solving CV problems

Projects / Applications Covered in the OpenCV Training

Now that we have discussed about the deep learning for OpenCV, now let’s discuss what will be covered in Ampersand Academy’s Deep Learning for Computer Vision training. We at Ampersand Academy, framed the course on Deep Learning for Computer Vision with a clear intent of delivering a practical step-by-step training on the subject. By and large, the course can be opted by someone with good knowledge in Machine Learning concepts using Python or someone with good knowledge in Python or someone who is a fresher with no knowledge in Python / Machine Learning. We have framed the syllabus for all the preceding categories. The following are the various topics / projects that are covered in the Deep Learning for Computer Vision training as a part of the training.

1. Object Detection

Object detection is a function which automatically draws boxes over the objects in the digital image. The box helps in classifying the object in the digital image automatically.

2. Face Recognition

Face Recognition is a function which when fed with digital image with persons should identify the persons in the image or should verify if the person is truly who he/she claims to be.

3. Image Classification

Image Classification is a function which when given with a digital image should classify the given image into one or more known list of categories. The list of categories is usually pre-fed.

4. Haar Cascade Classifier

Haar Cascade Classifier is a function which when given with a person’s photo it automatically detects the face, in addition to it, Haar Cascade Classifier helps in identifying the facial features.

At Ampersand Academy, the Deep Learning for OpenCV course will encompass all the necessary libraries as well as the preceding projects as a part of the training module. The students will be taught with hands on experience on the projects which are mentioned above.

Why to study OpenCV at Ampersand Academy

OpenCV is one of the most trending courses in Chennai. We at Ampersand Academy, offer one on one training for Deep Learning for Computer Vision and at flexible timing

1. One-on-one Training

Get individual attention with our one-on-one training sessions for Deep Learning for Computer Vision.

2. Comprehensive Curriculum

Enrich your skillsets in Deep Learning for Computer Vision with our extensive course contents.

3. Trainer

You are the safe hands when you enrol for OpenCV course with us, our trainers are well experienced and friendly

4. Flexible Timing

Now take up the training sessions at your preferred timing. With advantage of one on one sessions students also get option to choose their timings.

Prerequisite to join Deep Learning for OpenCV

1. Python Programming (if you don't know Python, don't worry we got you covered, ask for training from basics.)
2. Computer handling skills and working with any IDE

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