Elixir Programming Training in Chennai

Elixir is one of the most dynamic, functional languages with the immutable state which is used for designing concurrent, scalable and maintainable applications. Elixir is designed to run on Erlang Virtual Machine and Elixir shares the same abstraction which it leverages to build distributed fault-tolerant applications. Elixir is known for its simple, modern and tidy syntax which even a beginner can grasp and start building applications.

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Elixir together with Phoenix Framework can be put to use in developing complex, scalable and concurrent applications for any industry. The main characteristics of Elixir which makes it perfect for developing complex concurrent applications are the following, but not limited to...

  1. Speed: Elixir in combination with Phoenix Framework is much faster than Ruby or other languages. Phoenix response time is in microseconds. This creates a greater impact when it comes to the user experience.
  2. Concurrency: In layman’s term, concurrency means the ability to handle/run multiple processes simultaneously at the same time keeping them independent. Elixir is known for its concurrency.
  3. Low Latency: Elixir handles a huge volume of data or process at no or very little latency, which makes it unique and fully battle-ready for creating complex applications
  4. Scalability: Elixir can handle a huge number of users and concurrent users like a charm, which enables the developers not to invest extra on the additional servers
  5. Fault Tolerance: Elixir is fault-tolerant to two types of programming mistakes – 1. Mistakes that may happen outside the app, i.e., problems with network and 2. Mistakes that may happen within the app, i.e., data errors and logical bugs
  6. Productivity: Owing to its easy and clean syntax, Elixir is proven to be more productive for the developers

What we offer in Ampersand Academy

At Ampersand Academy, we offer a comprehensive course on Elixir Programming. There is no prerequisite for joining this course. Following are the various high-level topics that are covered as part of the syllabus. Ampersand Academy’s Elixir Course includes GraphQL, Phoenix Framework and Ecto which are used for developing the complex web applications.

  1. Elixir Programming
  2. Phoenix Framework
  3. GraphQL
  4. Ecto

The takeaway of the Ampersand Academy’s Elixir Course

After the training, candidates will be able to code on their own and will be able to create complex web applications putting in use of Elixir, Phoenix Framework, GraphQL, and Ecto.

Prerequisite to join Elixir Course:

1. The basic idea about web applications
2. Computer handling skills and working with any IDE

Why Ampersand Academy for Elixir Training:

1. Course Content:
Ampersand Academy offers a comprehensive and detailed course content for Elixir Language in Chennai. Our course content in industry-ready and we have prepared extensive course syllabus which encompasses all the mandatory requirement to develop web applications. This makes Ampersand Academy the best place to get trained in Elixir, GraphQL, Phoenix Framework in Chennai
2. Trainer:
Our trainer is well-experienced and a full stack developer with nearly 5 years of experience in building complex enterprise-level applications using Elixir and other web frameworks. The trainer is student-friendly and takes utmost care in clarifying the doubts which makes the best place to learn web application development using Elixir.

Modes of Training:
Classroom Training
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Corporate Training
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Academic Training
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