Flask Framework Course

Flask is a Python-based web framework. Flask is basically built with a small core and easy-to-extend philosophy. It is a simple (consisting of a handful of modules) and easy-to-learn framework which enables you to build web applications such as a blog, web pages, and even commercial websites on your own in a short time span. Flask comes under micro-framework meaning it has very little to no dependencies on external library files. Being a micro-framework has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage being it is very light weight and little dependency to update and look for security bugs and disadvantage being it do not have several built-in applications which result in programming several applications on your own or rely on external plugins to compensate.

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Features of Flask Framework:

  • 1. Fast debugger
  • 2. Integrated support for unit testing
  • 3. Jinja2 templating
  • 4. Secure cookies
  • 5. WSGI 1.0 complaint


At Ampersand Academy, we offer one of the most exclusive training for Flask Framework covering most of it. We have experienced faculty and we offer the best Flask Framework courses in Chennai. Most of our training sessions are practical and result-oriented. We conduct periodic evaluations and assign tasks to students so that they get the hang of the training. With the student-friendly trainer and thought-provoking classes, we are definitely the best training institute for Flask Framework in Chennai.

Scope of Flask Framework:

Flask is one of the best Python Frameworks and many corporates are now started to use Flask Framework. Various positions for Flask:

  • 1. Software Developer
  • 2. Data Engineer
  • 3. Research Associate
  • 4. Development Scientist
  • 5. Full Stack Developer
  • 6. Web Developer

Prerequisite to join Flask Framework Course:

1. Basic computer handling skills.
2. 2. Python Programming

Why you should learn Flask Framework in Ampersand Academy:

1. Trainer:
Our Flask Framework trainer carries with him over 5 years of experience in software and web development. He has worked in several domains and imparts his knowledge and skills to the students. His drive towards teaching and strong domain knowledge makes him the best trainer for Flask Framework in Chennai.
2. Curriculum:
We offer the best course curriculum for Flask Framework which makes us the best training center for web development course. Our curriculum is very comprehensive.

Modes of Training:
Classroom Training
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