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Hibernate is one of the important framework for Java which helps in effective managing the database. In general, it is very tedious to migrate from one database to other. It involves changing the code in ODBC or JDBC which is used to link with the database and changing the query in the database to replicate in the other database. This procedure takes lot of time, effort and human resource. Furthermore, the expertise to handle the database is also required.

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In order to ease this process Hibernate Framework evolved. Hibernate Framework acts as the intermediary between the Front End and Back End. It is a common interface for all the database and also the queries can be written in Hibernate Query Language which enables migration from one database to other.

We at Ampersand Academy, provide excellent course curriculum for Hibernate Framework, which greatly aids all the Java Programmers to become expert in database migration. Our quality of training make us the best training center for Hibernate Framework in Chennai.


The course is designed for Java Programmers or Professional working on Java environment. It briefs about various tools and procedures to migrate the back end databases. Candidates will be trained to write Hibernate Query Language and do database migration. We are the best institute for Hibernate Framework in Ashok Nagar, Chennai.

Scope of Hibernate Framework:

Various positions offered for Hibernate:

  • 1. Java Programmer
  • 2. Java Developer

Prerequisite to join Hibernate Course:

For learning Hibernate Framework candidates should be well-versed in Core Java and any backend database.

Why you should learn Hibernate Framework in Ampersand Academy:

1. Trainer:
We have one of the best trainers for Hibernate Framework in Chennai. His experience and methodologies makes students learn Hibernate easily.
2. Materials:
We offer excellent course materials for Hibernate Framework, which include books, presentations and handouts.

Modes of Training:
Classroom Training
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Online Training
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Corporate Training
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Academic Training
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