Java J2EE Course

J2EE is a platform which incorporates various modular components running on an application server. The software for J2EE was primarily developed in the Java language.

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The concept of J2EE is deeply explained in the following points.

  1. J2EE is not a single technology application but a blend of multiple technologies
  2. J2EE is primarily developed in Java Programming Language which is used for developing and executing enterprise software including network, database servers and web services
  3. Provides various kinds of Application Program Interface (API) to design web and window-based application
  4. Supports 2-tier, 3-tier, and multi-tiered architecture
  5. In order to overcome problems in Java J2EE, “Design Patterns” were developed
  6. Supports applications like JDBC (Java Database Connectivity), RMI (Remote Method Invocation), XML, Web-services, JMS (Java Message Services) which includes Enterprise Java Beans, Connectors, Servlets, and JSP
  7. J2EE features include Transaction Management, Security Management, Scalability, and Concurrency

At Ampersand Academy, we offer excellent training for Java J2EE; we deep dive into the concepts and enable our students to become professional J2EE programmers. Our trainer carries with him immense knowledge and experience working in various projects. Trainer has developed excellent and comprehensive course curriculum for J2EE which makes us the best training institute for J2EE in Ashok Nagar, Chennai.


We have developed intense course delivery plan for J2EE. We start from the basics of J2EE and cover till the advanced concepts. Unlike Core Java, J2EE can only be learned by the students who have completed Java Fundamentals. We expect all our students to be well-versed in the Fundamental Java. We deep dive into concepts of J2EE and imbibe great knowledge on to our students. The course is very intense and regular practice is mandatory. Students will be given project at the end of the course.

Scope of Java J2EE:

Both Core and J2EE are highly leveraged programming languages in software sector. It is a platform independent and is open source software, which makes it profound. The scope of Java/J2EE is huge; almost 90% of all the software is developed using Java/J2EE these days. Java definitely has good scope in India, and it fetches candidate good career as a programmer. Various positions offered for J2EE

  • 1. Java Developer
  • 2. Application Engineer
  • 3. Software Developer
  • 4. IT Programmer
  • 5. Programmer Analyst
  • 6. Software Engineer

Prerequisite to join Java J2EE Course:

Candidates who are looking to join the J2EE course need to have deep expertise in Core Java. We advise all our students to brush up Core Java concepts before joining for J2EE

Why you should learn Java J2EE in Ampersand Academy:

1. Trainer:
We are augmented with ace Java Programmer who handles various projects. The trainer is a real-time programmer and imparts his knowledge to students efficiently.
2. Materials:
We provide excellent study materials for J2EE. We provide with presentations and pdfs for reference.
3. Certification Assistance:
We will assist our students to prepare for their certification exams by providing them with mock tests and materials.

Modes of Training:
Classroom Training
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