Oracle PL/SQL Course

PL/SQL stands for Procedural Language extension of SQL. Even though we have multi various queries in SQL to create a table, insert data in to the table and do all the basic operations in a database, there is still a place for advancement where one needs to execute multiline/block of queries which is fulfilled by PL/SQL.

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PL/SQL coding is executed in PL/SQL Engine which is residing inside oracle database, not in SQL engine. PL/SQL block generally called as an anonymous Block. It directly supports DML event. It’s also like other programming language which supports Variable declaration, Control Statements, Loops, Arrays, Exception Handling, Object oriented concepts. Various features of Oracle PL/SQL include:

  1. Stored Procedure, Stored Function
  2. Creating own Package, Package Body
  3. Triggers
  4. Managing LOBs (Large Objects)
  5. More efficient
  6. High Security

We at Ampersand Academy, train our students with great quality which enables them to be an ace Oracle 11G PL/SQL Programmer. Our materials and curriculum surpasses the industry standards and enables our students to become top-notch programmers. Our trainers are highly enthusiastic in infusing their knowledge and experience to students. This clearly makes us the best training center for Oracle 11G PLSQL in Chennai.


We have developed an approach which eases the way of learning Oracle PL/SQL. Our curriculum covers from the basic; however students who are planning to take up the Oracle 11G PLSQL modules should good understanding on Oracle 11G SQL concepts. We offer one of the best trainings which impart great knowledge and skill to the students. Our trainer is well-experienced in training candidates in both as individuals as well as batches. We provide students with tutorials and books for their reference. What makes us special is our quality of training we offer.

Scope of Oracle PL/SQL:

Oracle 11G is the most leveraged database ever in the IT industry. Oracle being RDBMS plays a vital role in many domains in Financial, Banking, etc. India, being the IT hub has great scope for Oracle SQL. Many MNCs have adapted Oracle has their database since it is profound. Various positions offered for Oracle PL/SQL:

  • 1. Oracle Developer
  • 2. SQL Developer
  • 3. Applications Developer
  • 4. Oracle Application Analyst
  • 5. Database Engineer – Oracle
  • 6. Oracle Programmer Analyst

Prerequisite to join Oracle PL/SQL:

1. Basic computer handling skills.
2. Good Knowledge on Oracle SQL Concepts

Why you should learn Oracle PL/SQL in Ampersand Academy:

1. Trainer:
We have well-experienced faculty for Oracle 11G PL/SQL. Trainer has good knowledge in handling projects of various domains and in training. He is patient and ensures students understand the concepts well.
2. Curriculum:
We provide one of the best course curriculums for Oracle 11G PL/SQL. Our curriculum covers from basic to advanced concepts.
3. Materials:
We provide excellent materials for our students which they can refer. We provide them with Presentations and books. These materials serve as a great resource for all our students.
4. Certification Assistance:
Certification plays a vital role in candidate’s profile. Our rigorous training and approach helps students to clear certification exam with ease. We also provide students with many mock-up/sample test questions.

Modes of Training:
Classroom Training
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