Rest API Training in Chennai

Rest APIs (Application Programming Interface) are the medium between an application and server that engages Representational State Transfer constraints. In the layman term, Rest APIs serve as points of communication between web/mobile applications and the server. By using Rest API, we can exchange data between application and server in XML or JSON formats. At present, JSON format is widely used for various scenarios when compared to XML format. At Ampersand Academy, we will be focussing only on JSON format given its significance over XML.

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When you will be needing Rest API?

As of now, all the major front-end development frameworks have split the data and UI components. This makes Rest API vital while handling data from server to the UI component. Following are the technologies where Rest API is used vastly …

  • Angular
  • Vue
  • React
  • Ionic (Hybrid Mobile App Development Framework)
  • Android
  • iOS

Ampersand Academy offers comprehensive course on Rest API using PHP and MySQL which includes basics of PHP and MySQL and building a efficient REST API which can be leveraged for multivarious purposes as mentioned above.

What will be taught in Rest API course at Ampersand Academy?

1. Development Tools:
At Ampersand Academy, we will be starting from basics such as installing necessary softwares. In this course, following are the mandatory tools and we will be teaching how to install them.
- MySQL Workbench
- Sublime/Visual Studio Code Editor

2. PHP:
Students will be taught with basics of PHP such as variables, data types, operators, loops, control statements, Arrays, String Functions, OOPS concepts

3. MySQL:
Students will be taught how to create database, create tables, save data in the table, retrieve the data from table

4. Project Setup:
In this section, students will be taught how to set up Rest API project from end to end and students will be taught with pros and cons of the set up.

5. Security:
Security plays a vital role while handling data via Rest API. In this section, we will teach the necessary actions to ensure the security such as stripping HTML tags, SQL injections, key authentication, JSON web tokens.

6. Session Management:
Web applications have the concept of session in order to manage the logged in users whereas Rest APIs follow stateless protocols hence there is no session concept in Rest API. In this section, we will teach you how to manage the logged in users using Rest API.

The takeaway of the Ampersand Academy’s Rest API Course

After the training, candidates will be able to code on their own and will be able to create complex Rest API applications using PHP and MySQL.

Prerequisite to join Rest API Course

1. The basic idea about web and mobile applications
2. Computer handling skills and working with any IDE

Why Ampersand Academy for Rest API

1. Course Content: Ampersand Academy offers a comprehensive and detailed course content for Rest API using PHP and MySQL in Chennai. Our course content in industry-ready and we have prepared extensive course syllabus which encompasses all the mandatory requirement to develop Rest APIs. This makes Ampersand Academy the best place to get trained in Rest API in Chennai
2. Trainer: Our trainer is well-experienced and a full stack developer with nearly 5 years of experience in building complex enterprise-level applications using various Frameworks. The trainer is student-friendly and takes utmost care in clarifying the doubts which makes the best place to learn Rest API.

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