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Statistical Analysis System or Statistical Analysis Software or SAS is a data warehousing tool developed by SAS Institute Inc., USA. It is the best tool for Statistical Analysis irrespective of domain. SAS is the best tool leveraged by industries from Aerospace to Agriculture and Robotics to Genetics. SAS is the most comprehensive tool which is used for multi-various functions such as Data Convert ion, Data Integration, Data Mining, Data Warehouse, ETL Functions, Business Intelligence, and Reporting. It acts as an one-stop shop providing entire solution.

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SAS is a fourth generation application programming language which is very easy learn and work with and create solutions for multi various problems in various domains. Food and Drug Administration, USA has set compliance that the data analysis must be performed with SAS for the Drug Safety Approval and Other Processes. SAS unique advantage is that it can be easily adapted even by the non-IT background professionals. SAS is the mandate tool in Clinical Research Organizations to perform Clinical Data Analysis. SAS also provides tools for prediction and forecasting using data and statistical models. SAS is applicable to a wide variety of academic disciplines, including natural and social sciences, government, and business. Statistical consultants are available to provide help for organizations and companies without direct access to expertise relevant to their particular problem.

We at Ampersand Academy, specialize at SAS. Having located at Ashok Nagar, we offer the best training for SAS in Chennai. We offer the best curriculum for SAS covering most number of procedures. Having developed the best approach for the training both online and classroom, and having augmented with best trainer, we are the best SAS training institute in Chennai. SAS is mainly classified into two modules Base and Advance SAS.


We have developed a student-friendly approach which has proved to work out well. Our approach is one-of-a-kind which starts from basics of data warehousing to the advance concepts of SAS. We offer training in such a way that even candidates from non-IT background can easily learn SAS. Our training is full of practical sessions with few theoretical classes. We cover the entire Base and Advance SAS, so that our students find it easy to write certification exams at ease. We offer excellent course material, which helps the students to refer at any time. We also provide our students with excellent video tutorial for theoretical statistics so that non-statistical background students can easily understand Statistics and get the best out of SAS. We have well-trained and well experienced trainer for SAS, who is student-friendly and helps students to understand the concepts. We provide assignments, mini project and conduct tests to make sure students learn and understand SAS well. Our approach is proven to produce good results and students are open to read reviews about us on Google regarding SAS training.

Scope of SAS:

SAS has great scope in India. All the multinational companies have started adapting SAS as one of the major tool for analysis. SAS is mainly used in Financial, Retail, Marketing, and Insurance. SAS is known for its accuracy and can be leveraged for entire data warehousing purposes. SAS is now being leverage in IT companies, automobiles and banking sector widely, though its usage in Clinical Domain has never been reduced. Clinical Domain is one of the major areas where SAS is mandatory tool to analysis. SAS is the only software tool which can be easily learnt and which has scope in almost all the domains. The uniqueness of SAS is that SAS has scope for both fresher and for experienced candidates. Furthermore, SAS has numerous large-scale software solutions for various corporate management divisions such as IT management, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Business Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management and more. Various positions offered for SAS:

  • 1. SAS Programmer
  • 2. Business Analyst
  • 3. Statistical Analyst
  • 4. Clinical Programmer
  • 5. Credit Risk Analyst
  • 6. ETL Developer
Prerequisite to join SAS Course:

1. Basic computer handling skills.
2. Basics of Statistics (not mandatory). SAS is as such does not need any prerequisite since it is easy to learn and got varied scope.

Why you should learn SAS in Ampersand Academy:

1. Trainer:
We have the best trainer for SAS who has got nearly 6 years of experience in SAS project and training. He carries deep knowledge in working on various domains such as Clinical, Financial and Banking domains. He is student-friendliness and deep knowledge makes him one of the best trainers for SAS in Chennai.
2. Curriculum:
We offer the best course curriculum for Base and Advance SAS covering most number of procedures. Our curriculum is very comprehensive and is certification oriented. It covers almost all the aspects of SAS and gives the students deep knowledge. Furthermore, our curriculum is generic which enables the students to get into any domain.
3. Statistics Training:
SAS deals with statistics and to make our students get a hang of theoretical statistics, we at Ampersand Academy provide our students a course work on theoretical statistics through video tutorials. This greatly helps students who are not from statistics or mathematical background.
4. Certification Assistance:
The course curriculum which we offer is certification-oriented and we offer the best certification assistance. We help our students by conducting mock examinations and tests. We provide dumps and other study material to help students’ clear certification with ease.

Modes of Training:
Classroom Training
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Academic Training
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