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SPSS is software package, which is used for statistical analyses. SPSS is mainly leveraged in business analysis domain by various professionals such as Surveyors, Marketing Professionals, Market Researchers, etc. SPSS was initially a product of SPSS Inc. which is now acquired by IBM Corp. SPSS is an easy-to-learn software application.

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SPSS is designed to operate in various Operating System platforms such as Windows, Mac, and Linux/Unix. The latest release of SPSS is 22.0. SPSS is a user-friendly Analysis Software. Unlike other analytics software SPSS has a good User Interface and is self-sufficient for many professionals, delivering with high efficiency.

SPSS has pull down menu through which the one can access the various options and features of the tool. There are two types of view in SPSS which are Data View and Variable View.

  1. Data View: Data View is where the actual data can be viewed as it is viewed in Spreadsheet.
  2. Variable View: Variable View is where the metadata dictionary can be viewed.


The methodology through which SPSS is taught plays a vital role in student's understanding. SPSS is a GUI-based, statistical tool which needs to be trained in a student-friendly approach. We at Ampersand Academy, train our students in the apt approach which enables them to learn SPSS at ease. Despite, student's knowledge on theoretical statistics our approach enables students to learn SPSS with ease.

Scope of SPSS:

SPSS is considered one of the most leveraged tool for statistical analyses. What makes special about SPSS is its user-friendliness and comprehensiveness. SPSS has great scope both for research purposes and for job. SPSS is one of the vital and most leveraged tools for the statistical analysis in the research field. SPSS is used in domains such as market research, clinical analysis, econometric analyses, etc. Furthermore, SPSS has been leveraged widely in many market analytics companies and even in financial companies for analytics. Various positions offered for SPSS:

  • 1. Research Analyst
  • 2. Statistical Modeler
  • 3. Statistician
  • 4. Data Analyst
  • 5. Business Analytics Consultant
  • 6. Business Information Analyst

Prerequisite to join SPSS Course:

1. Basic computer handling skills.
2. Basics of Statistics (not mandatory). SPSS is easy-to-learn, GUI-based tool.

Why you should learn SPSS in Ampersand Academy:

1. Trainer:
We have one of the well-experienced faculties for SPSS. Our trainer carries an immense experience working in various organizations and has more than 3 years of training experience and has trained more than 200 students in SPSS. His approach and delivery plan is extraordinary and has proven results in training both IT and non-IT background.
2. Curriculum:
The course curriculum which we offer for SPSS is very comprehensive. Our curriculum covers from basic to advance. We offer one of the best course curriculums for SPSS in Chennai.
3. Statistics Training:
Statistics is the base of SPSS. To understand and leverage SPSS to the fullest, knowledge on theoretical statistics is good to have. We provide material/tutorials for theoretical statistics.

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