Struts 2 Framework Course

Web applications have evolved greatly and number of users has increased considerably leading to delayed response time and even failure to process certain requests. The contemporary 3 Tier architecture which had dedicated application server and database server, has even failed miserably due to the humongous web application users. In order to guardrail these hindrances in providing ultimate user experience to web application users the concept of Struts came into play which process various user requests simultaneously.

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The 3 Tier architecture which had common application server handling all the requests from the users. It interacts with database and displays the information to the users. It is the only server which does all the operations, this guardrails the 3 Tier Architecture to simultaneously handle multiple request from the users. With the increasing number of online web application users, the 3 Tier Architecture has become failure. In order to overcome this problem, new concept called Model View Controller (MVC).
Model: Model interacts with the Database Server. It sends and receives information from the database server based on the input from the users.
View: View displays various information either Static or Dynamic pages according to the user needs.
Controller: Controller is the main processing unit. It receives input from the users, the received input is processed and decimated to corresponding View or Model. From then, the Model and View processes the input and gives the output back to controller. Controller then displays it to the users.

This concept is a great success and has capacity to handle various requests in parallel. In order to implement this concept in Java, struts evolved. In Struts 2, the deep dive on all the functionalities are done. We at Ampersand Academy, offer excellent course content for Struts 2 Framework, which enables students to get enlightened in effective web application development. Our trainer is real-time faculty and imbibes his knowledge and experience to our students which made us the best training institute for Struts 2 Java Framework in Chennai.


Struts 2 Framework is an advanced concept and requires deep knowledge on Core Java and J2EE. We at Ampersand Academy developed excellent approach and it has proven that our approach is easily adapted by our students. Furthermore, our curriculum is covers all the aspects of Struts 2. This makes us the best training center for Struts 2 in Ashok Nagar, Chennai.

Scope of Struts 2:

  • 1. Web application Developer
  • 2. Java Web Developer
  • 3. Java Programmer

Prerequisite to join Struts 2 Course:

For learning Struts 2 candidates should be well-versed in Core Java, HTML, and JSP

Why you should learn Struts 2 in Ampersand Academy:

1. Trainer:
Our faculty for Struts 2 is real timer having more than 5 years of experience in Core Programming and in Java Technologies.
2. Materials:
We provide excellent materials in the form e-books, and presentations. We also offer dummy projects once the training is completed to give a real time exposure to our students.

Modes of Training:
Classroom Training
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