In this tutorial , we are going to see how to register at pythonanywhere hosting provider and how to setup flask framework.

Pythonanywhere offers free web hosting for python flask framework with limited features.

It offers free hosting for other python framework also.

Step1: Go to

step2: Signup and verify your account. Then login into your account.It looks like below.



step3: Go to web tab at the top of your dashboard.



step4: At first, it shows like you have no apps. Click Add a new app to create new flask framework application. A pop up will appear.


step5: Click next and choose your choice of framework listed by hosting provider. Here i choose flask. Click on the framework you want.


step6: Then it will ask to choose the python version for this application. Choose your desired python version listed for flask.

python-select python-version-pythonanywhere

step7:Then click next. Thats all. New application will be created.It will give a DNS, which will be subdomain of pythonanywhere.



The above image list out out the controller file of your newly created application.

You can access all the files under the tab of Files at the top.