Ionic Framework version 3 uses the same command of version 1 for creating the new Ionic 3 project.

After installing the Ionic Framework 3, you can create a new Ionic 3 project.

To create new Ionic 3 project, use the below command.

ionic start Myapp blank

start will tell the CLI create a new app.
Myapp will be the directory name and the app name from your project.
blank will be the starter template for your project.

If the blank template isn’t something you want to use, Ionic has a few templates available:

    tabs : a simple 3 tab layout
    sidemenu: a layout with a swipable menu on the side
    blank: a bare starter with a single page
    super: starter project with over 14 ready to use page designs
    tutorial: a guided starter project

Viewing the app in a browser

Once you successfully created the Ionic project, then use the below command in the Mac/Windows terminal to preview the Ionic 3 project in the browser.

cd Myapp
ionic serve

To preview the app in Android, iOS, and Windows mode.

ionic serve --lab

Ionic 2 developers will face the problem while creating the new project with Ionic 3. Why because the Ionic 2 project is created with the --v2 command

ionic start myapp blank --v2

If you are the Ionic 2 developer, then do not use the --v2 while creating the project for Ionic 3 or else you will face the error from your terminal and you are not able to create the project.


1. You have learned how to create a new Ionic 3 project using the Mac/Windows terminal
2. --v2 is not used for creating the Ionic 3 projects. So while migrating from Ionic 2 to Ionic 3, do not use the --v2.