You can easily install the Ionic 3. It is not very tough. Beginners of Ionic Framework often feel it is very tough. Here I am going to simplify the installation process with fewer steps.


Go to the below URL and download the node js and install it.


Once you successfully installed the Node, you can check using the below command in Mac Terminal.

npm -v


Run the below command in the Mac terminal to install the cordova.

npm install -g cordova

Check the Cordova version using

cordova -v

At the time of writing this tutorial, I faced the problem with cordova version 8. So I installed the cordova version 7 using

npm install -g cordova@7.1.0


Run the below command in the Mac terminal to install the Ionic Framework.

npm install -g ionic

Check the Ionic version using

ionic -v

That's all. You are done. You have successfully installed the Ionic Framework Version 3(version is 3 at the time of writing this post).

Use the below link to learn, how to create Ionic 3 projects and preview the developed in the browser.

I already wrote a detailed post for Ionic installation. You can learn about the installation using the below link.