Recently I faced a problem with Ionic 3 project while installing a new plugin and building the APK for Android. 

The error occurred while installing a new native plugin, especially the location accuracy plugin, is listed below.

unhandledpromiserejectionwarning: unhandled promise rejection (rejection id: 1): error: enoent: no such file or directory Androidmanifest.xml

And one more error while building the APK is.

ENOENT: no such file platforms\android\res\values\strings.xml

The error is caused due to the latest cordova version. My Cordova version is 8. So I downgraded the Cordova version from 8 to 7. And the problem has vanished. Then I installed the Location Accuracy plugin and built the APK. And my Ionic CLI  version is 3.19.0

Get the version of Cordova using.

cordova -v

Downgrade the Cordova from 8 to 7 using the below command.

npm uninstall -g cordova
npm install -g cordova@7.1.0

If your problem is not solved, then create new Ionic 3 project and try to install the plugin and build the APK.

Please note the date(28-Dec-2017) of this post. This problem can be solved by the Cordova in other minor version releases. Even the Cordova version 8 not generates the Androidmanifest.xml file.

You can get all the version of the Cordova using the below command.

npm view cordova versions