Hello everyone, Today Ionic 4 is released officially. I have been waiting for Ionic4 full release from when the Ionic 4 alpha released. I am excited to write more tutorial on Ionic 4. I am starting with installing of Ionic 4 on Windows 10.

In this tutorial, you will learn, how to install Ionic 4 on your Windows 10 machine. If you already installed, please skip this post.

This post mainly useful for beginners, who want to try out the Ionic4 and who had no experience with Ionic. I will explain how to install the Ionic4 in few steps and what are the other software required.

To create the Ionic 4 project, your system must have Ionic. Let's start.


To install Ionic, you need npm(node package manager). By using npm only, you can install the Ionic and Cordova. The npm comes from the Node.js. So download and install the Node.js.


It is an exe file. So double click and proceed further to install.


Now you can install the Ionic 4 using the npm. Open your command prompt and type the below command.

npm install -g ionic

The -g means it is a global install. For Window’s, it's recommended to open an Admin command prompt. For Mac/Linux, run the command with sudo

Note: You need the internet to install Ionic from npm. 


You can get the Ionic information using the below command.

ionic info


Now you can create your Ionic4 project. 

ionic start myApp blank

Execute the above command on your command prompt to create Ionic 4 project.

ionic start - is a standard command to create a project.
myApp - is your application name. You can give your desired name.
blank - is a keyword, which is used create empty Ionic 4 project.

Other options are.
1. tabs
2. sidemenu


To preview your app, how it look on Android and iOS, please run the below command on command prompt.

cd myApp
ionic serve --lab

The above command will open the preview in your default browser.