Emulator plays an import role in testing the Ionic 2 Mobile application. If you are developing an Ionic 2 application and you want to see, how the application works in the different Mobile devices, then you in need of an emulator.

There are so many emulators are available in the market. In this tutorial, you will see, how to install and use the Genymotion emulator on Mac OS Sierra.

The Genymotion will support only the Android applications. It won't support the iOS application. For iOS application testing, you can simply use the Xcode editor emulators. 

To setup Xcode editor and run the emulator for iOS, use the below link.


Genymotion is my personal favorite emulator for testing the Android application. Genymotion offers personal edition to practice. If you are doing any commercial project, then you must buy a license.

The installation procedure is same for Windows 10 too. The only difference is, Mac OS uses the dmg file and Windows uses the .exe file. 

Virtualbox Installation

Install the Virtualbox before installing the Genymotion. Genymotion required the Virtualbox. Download the Virtualbox using 


It is a dmg file. Double-click the dmg file and proceed the installation.

Genymotion Installation

Go to Genymotion website using the below link


Sign in using the above link  and download the personal edition using 


It is also a dmg file. Double-click the dmg file and proceed the installation.

Go to the Launchpad and click the Genymotion Icon. 

It will ask you to sign in with Genymotion server. Please sign in with Genymotion username and password.

After successful login, you can create a new virtual device by clicking the Add.

Then it will show a list of available emulator images. You can choose your own choice of an emulator and click next and next to download and install the image.

That's all. You have now created a virtual device. To run the created virtual device, select the installed image and click the start to run.

Now you can drag and drop the APK file and preview the application.