In this tutorial, you will learn, how to setup the Xcode Editor on Mac OS Sierra and how to run the iOS emulator.

Xcode iOS emulators are the best emulators to preview the Ionic 2 iOS application. There is no need to go for other iOS emulators. To use the iOS emulators, you must install the Xcode Editor.

1. Mac OS

Install Xcode Editor

Open App Store and search for Xcode and click the get to install the Xcode Editor.

Running Emulators

You can run the emulator in two ways
1. Run using Xcode Editor
2. Run using Terminal

Run emulator using Xcode Editor

Open Xcode Editor and create a sample Xcode project(native iOS project).

Then click the run under the project to run the emulator.

Run using Terminal

Execute the below command in terminal, after installing the Xcode Editor.

open /Applications/

The above command opens the emulator.

You can set your choice of emulator using the Harware->Device->iOS