Editors are the most powerful tool for developers to develop applications. There are many open source editors which are available on the web. Mostly for web development, Sublime Text Editor is preferred by developers. Sublime Text Editor is not an open source editor. However, it can be downloaded and evaluated for free. Furthermore, a license must be purchased for continued use.

Alternatively, we have another open source editor, i.e., Brackets, which is most suited for Ionic mobile application development. No need to purchase any license for this editor.

You can get this editor using:


Brackets Editor is available for

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac

Windows installation


Brackets editor comes as .msi file for Windows. You can directly install this file using Windows standard installation(Click next and proceed to install).

Why we need Brackets editor to develop mobile application using Ionic Framework?.

Is it necessary to use Brackets?.

The Brackets Editor supports Ionic Extension. This extension gives many auto complete suggestions while we use Ionic Framework related tag. Other than that, it has many extensions which help in development.

To install Ionic extension in Brackets,

Go to File->Extension Manager.

In the Search Bar type 'Ionic', it will show related extensions.

Click install on your required extension.