The Ionic Framework is framework of framework. It depends on many software. You must install those software to create a hybrid mobile application.

Note: This installation page does not include the SDK installation of iOS. Since, iOS SDK can be installed only in Mac.

List of software to install


2.Git SCM (

3.Apache Cordova

4.Ionic Framework

Open Terminal in CentOS 7 and login as root user.


Note: You must login as root to install.

Installing Node.js

You can get the standard document of Node.js using the below link.

Use the below command to choose Node.js 5.

curl --silent --location | bash -

Then install Node.js using

yum -y install nodejs

The installation screen looks like below for Node.js


To verify Node.js installation

npm version

It will give the installed Node.js version info.

Installing Git SCM

yum install git

The above command will install Git. It will take some time depending upon your internet speed.


To verify the Git installation

git --version

The above command will display the installed Git version.

Installing Ionic and Cordova

npm install -g cordova

The above command will install Cordova on your machine.


After installing Cordova, use the below command to install Ionic Framework.

npm install -g ionic

To verify the ionic installation

ionic info

The command will show us the installed version of Ionic Framework.


Do not worry about the warning message that you will receive when you type in the ionic info command. Just ignore and proceed.

Now we are ready to develop mobile application using Ionic Framework.

Please note that. We have installed only the Ionic Framework. We didn't set up any SDK for Android and iOS.

Here you will learn how to set up SDK for Android The first step will be Installing Java.

Installing Java 8

Download Java 8 from Oracle website and install the jdk8 rpm using default software installer.


Installing Android

Download Android SDK from Android website and unpack the downloaded file and set path using the below command.

export ANDROID_HOME=/<installation location>/android-sdk-linux

export PATH=${PATH}:$ANDROID_HOME/tools:$ANDROID_HOME/platform-tools