The Ionic framework is an open source front-end SDK which is used to develop advanced hybrid mobile applications using HTML, CSS, Javascript, especially, AngularJS.

The official Ionic Framework website:

Ionic offers

  1. CSS component
  2. JavaScript API
  3. Icons
  4. HTML5 inputs
  5. CLI(command line interface)

Why Ionic Framework?

It's an interesting question "Why Ionic?". Ionic is developed for web developers to help them to create mobile applications by their known web technologies. It eases the web developers work and there is no need to learn Java and Objective-C to develop Android and iOS app respectively.

So, if you are a web developer, you can easily create mobile applications for both Android and iOS without knowing JAVA and Objective-C or Swift respectively.

It’s not a beginner's course. It’s an advanced course. It is mandatory to know HTML, CSS, Javascript, especially, AngularJS.

Ionic View

Ionic View is a mobile application, which is available for Android and iOS. You can get Ionic view app at By using Ionic View application, you can directly preview the app, which is developed by you in mobile without generating apk(Android) or ipa(iOS) file.

Ionic Market

You can find many sample applications, plugins, and themes in the link given below.

The Ionic Market has both paid and free app which is developed by using Ionic Framework. You can also develop your own app and share in the Ionic Market.

Ionic Creator Service

You can create mobile applications with GUI(Graphical User Interface) using Ionic Creator Service. It's a drag and drop prototyping tool. Ionic offers one public project as a free in Creator tool. You can check out the price using

Ionic Creator Service is used by IBM, INTEL ,DELL, Adobe, etc.

Ionic Lab

The Ionic Lab offers GUI tool for Windows, Linux, and Mac to create, build, test, and deploy Ionic apps in GUI mode(not drag and drop tool). If you are not familiar with command prompt, you can use this tool.

The Ionic Lab tool is equal to Ionic CLI, but with GUI option. Ionic lab tool offers

  1. App creation
  2. App preview
  3. App building
  4. App run
  5. App upload
  6. App logging

By using Ionic, you can develop an application for the following Mobile Operating System

  • Android
  • Mac
  • Windows

Ionic has several supported plugin and CSS component for Mac and Android apps from beginning. Windows mobile application support has been introduced in 2015. However, still Ionic has only limited library files for Windows mobile application when compared iOS and Android (This post was written in January 2016. So do not confuse this statement when you read in any future since Ionic might come up with more support for Windows mobile application development).