In this tutorial, you will see, what are the IDE(Integrated Development Environment) available for the Scala programming language. And how to install the Scala Eclipse IDE for your development.

Java had the following IDE

1. Eclipse
2. NetBeans IDE
3. IntelliJ IDEA

Like-wise, Scala has the plugin to integrate into the above-mentioned IDE.

  • Scala Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

  • Scala Plugin for NetBeans

  • Scala IDE for Eclipse

How to Install Scala Eclipse IDE?

Like Eclipse editor, Scala Eclipse editor also comes as portable. You can download the Scala Eclipse IDE using

The Scala Eclipse IDE is available for (both 32 and 64-bit Operating System)
1. Windows
2. Linux
3. Mac

Choose the IDE based on your operating system and Download the zip file. Extract the zip file and double click the eclipse application to run the Scala Eclipse IDE

The rest of the works are same as in Java Eclipse Editor. Create new Scala project and create new Scala object under the src folder.

Here you can see scala class option. Don't create scala class until you are familiar with scala classes. And Scala class don't have the main method to run the code. So to run the Scala code, you must create Scala object only.

To run the code Alt+Shift+X, S or right click and go to run as scala application