*When we are facing performance issue in the database our first thought is to take AWR or statspack reports. but we do not know what are the difference between AWR and statspack

Here we can discuss them and I will try to mention as much as I can

*Basically as a dba we aware about AWR report but it did not exist on oracle 9i we forced to use statspack in the way of generating AWR report much easier than statspack report.

*AWR holds all the information and statistics that exist in STATPACK, include to that AWR hold Additional Information.

*In AWR we can find the information on Active Session History(ASH) which does not exist in Statspack.

*In statspack we should run the procedure to enable snapshot, we can use DBMS_JOB or schedule on crontab.

*In AWR A snapshot provides a sustained view of database statistics.A snapshot is a collection of performance statistics that are captured at a specific point in time, AWR snapshots are scheduled every 60 minutes by default.

*In statspack snapshot are purged must be scheduled manually.

*In AWR snapshot are purged automatically by MMON.