Let us see how to install the oracle software in Linux environment

STEP 1: First logon your linux os  ( Most of the beginners are installed oracle software  through Vmware ) Then  choose (top of the Vmware)  

VM --> Settings

Oracle Vm Settings

STEP 2: Choose options in that  settings


STEP 3: Create the share folder --> Always enable(on the right side ) -->

now it ll show VMware wizard screen click Next --> Browse the folder -->

Next --> click the box  Enable this Share -->Finish


STEP 4: To View shared folder in Linux  

Shared View  

STEP 5: Login as ROOT user  and give the access rights to oracle user.

Note: xhost  +goldensource (use your system name)


STEP 6: Use Display command and Make a  bash profile

Bash Profile

STEP 7: to enter the details enter given below

Bash Profile  

STEP 8: After Creating a bash profile just those software folders into /u01 mount point

Copy Folder

STEP 9: view the folder in /u01 and unzip the software folders

unzip folder

STEP 10:

Unzip folder two  

STEP 11: Go to database folder /u01  and run the  ./runinstaller command

run Installer  

STEP 12: Now the oracle started to install the screen    


STEP 13:

Mail config  

STEP 14: Press Yes

No Mail  

STEP 15: Press NEXT

Create database  

STEP 16: Press Next


STEP 17: Global Database Name and Create  the Password

Global database Name  

STEP 18: Press NO

Normal Password  

STEP 19:


STEP 20: Check The ignore all and Press NEXT

Ignore all  

STEP 21:

DB process

STEP 22:


STEP 23:

Create Db

STEP 24:

Insatll Final

STEP 25: Press "OK"


STEP 26: Login as root user Execute the below two script

Execute Script

STEP 27: