4.Basic components of a cluster:

1)Cluster Nodes

*The single Machine Which is participating into cluster

*Every Machine is part of the cluster is called "Node"

*Each Node is responsible for Providing the processing resources

*Every node is responsible to process the information, this job is allocated by Clusterware software

*The cluster nodes which are part of the Clusterware must have the same hardware configuration and same os configuration it is recommended by oracle

*Application software runs on each node


2)Clusterware Software:

*Without this software, the multiple nodes cannot work has one node or the nodes doesn't automatically becomes the cluster

*It Manages the workload which means the job of the Clusterware is distributes the incoming connections into nodes

*It manages nodes ex: sometimes the nodes are evicted which means the nodes are out of the cluster, the job of the Clusterware is to restart the node and join them back into the cluster

*It provides the high availability

*We have to installed on every node

*The software of Clusterware is developed by Oracle called "GRID"


3)Shared Storage:

*It will remove single node dependency. if we do not install shared storage we would be in trouble called node dependency ex: if we install oracle database in node 1 at the particular time something happened to our node1 so we can't able to access the database

*It can access all the nodes.

*Multinode read-write permissions

*It acts as volume manager and file system

*Oracle Rac is shared everything architecture.



*Each node must be connected to network

*In each node we need at least two or more local area network (recommended)

*We should configure the network before we install the Clusterware

I)Private Network:

*Node to node connectivity

*Transfer data within cluster

II)Public Network:

*It will help for clients to access the cluster

*we would use subnet mask and DNS server than private network


III)Virtual Ip and Scan IP

(Note The network components will discuss in details future posts)