In this tutorial, you will learn, how to install SQLite in Windows operating system.

Download SQLite from the below link(official site)

Choose your SQLite package based on the operating system you have.

Following is the procedure to install SQLite on Windows 7.

Furthermore, you can download the SQLite under the precompiled binaries for windows section on the above URL The page looks like below


Download sqlite-shell-win32 file. It is a Zip file. Extract the file after downloading. Its portable application.


How to open SQLite? Method 1: Just double click the sqlite3 application file. It looks like below


You can execute you SQL query in the editor. Another way to use SQLite, is that you can add path and run SQLite from command prompt .

My Computer->Properties->Advanced System Settings->Advanced->Environment Variables



Under environment variable click new and give variable name to path(small case only) and value must be the location of SQLite extracted file.

Here it is stored in D Drive.



Click ok to finish all windows. Then open command prompt then type sqlite3. The command opens SQLite editor