General Note: Here we have pulled in the data from a sample database. You can download it from the following link and use it for practicing Click Here For Sample Database

In this tutorial, you will learn the use of multi-row suquery in SQLite.

If a subquery returns more than one row they are called as multirow subquery. We cannot handle the multirow subquery result with normal operators.

To handle multirow subquery we need some special operator. SQLite supports IN only as it multi row sub query operator. We know the use of IN operator. IN is used to match more than one value at a time. Same way it works in multi row sub query.

The below query is used to find out each brand low-cost mobile list. So we are just writing a sub query to return minimum price from each brand and comparing the each low price with main query to get each brands low cost mobile.

Select mobile_name,price,brand_name from mobile_sales_details 
where price in (Select min(price) from mobile_sales_details group by brand_name)

mobile_name     price       brand_name
--------------  ----------  ----------
Moto E (Black)  6999        Motorola  
Asus Zenfone 4  5999        Asus      
Asus Zenfone 6  16999       Asus      
Alcatel Onetou  16999       Alcatel   
Samsung GT 120  1299        Samsung   
Nokia 105 (Bla  1249        Nokia     
Apple iPhone 4  21712       Apple     
Sony Xperia E   6150        Sony      
Micromax Bolt   882         Micromax  
Karbonn Smart   2699        Karbonn   
Lava Arc 12i (  1210        Lava      
Lava Iris 406Q  5999        Lava      
Lenovo A269i (  3490        Lenovo    
BlackBerry Cur  9125        BlackBerry