In this tutorial, you will learn the available GUI tools for SQLite.

The basic SQLite software comes with cmd (command prompt) mode, but handling large data is very difficult in cmd mode. The alternative solution is GUI tool.

We have many number of GUI(Graphical User Interface) tools to work with SQLite. You can choose your right GUI tool from the below URL.

Below mentioned are the three main vendors which offer free GUI tool to work with SQLite. You can download them from their website.

Here am going to demonstrate the Sqliteman tool.

Sqliteman is a portable GUI tool which does not require installation.

Download Sqliteman from its official website

Once the download is complete, extract the file and go to sqliteman-1.2.2 (here version is 1.2.2) folder. It looks like below



Click the Sqliteman application icon. It will open a new window




If you want to create new database, click file->new and give a name and click save button




Once you click the save button, the window will appear as mentioned below